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Traditionally, missions education has focused on the life and work of missionaries with a few cultural activities thrown in for fun. Quality and availability has often been woefully inadequate. New trends of the millennial generation forced to function in an ever-changing global society, call for updated and effective resources. To impact this generation, we've simply got to keep up! 21st Century Kids Connect has come together as a network for children's mission education, to raise the standard. Here’s how we’re going about it!

All resources featured by 21st Century Kids Connect have been evaluated and deemed excellent in three basic areas:

  • Biblical worldview
  • Educational quality
  • Cultural perspective

(Evaluators are selected for their background in childhood education, children's ministry, theology and specific subject matter dealt with in each resource.)

Too often a child's worldview goes something like this: "God loves me. God blesses me. Jesus will help me in time of trouble." In contrast, a Biblical worldview says, "God blesses me so that I may be a blessing to all of His creation." Abraham, in Genesis 12:1-3, was blessed to be a blessing. Instead of seeing the Bible as simply a collection of stories, a Biblical worldview reveals this common thread tying together the Bible from Genesis to Revelation: God's mission is to reach all people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. God brings us into partnership with Himself and then blesses us, not just for our own benefit, but so that we can bless others, both spiritually and physically. Resources recommended by 21st Century Kids Connect reflect this Biblical worldview.

Recommended resources are on par with, or above, the quality of public and Christian school curricula. They have adequate teacher helps and employ educationally sound teaching methods which are age appropriate. Entertainment is not enough. The focus of recommended resources is to teach in such a way that students really learn through awareness and action.

The framework of a house determines whether 1500 square feet will become a one-story ranch or a two-story townhouse. Similarly, culture is the unseen framework which gives structure to people’s thinking and behavior. Culture shapes a person’s appearance, thinking, behavior and perception of the world. Recommended resources acknowledge the value of all peoples, despite differences we notice in other’s bodies, homes, lifestyles, dress, etc. Without compromising Biblical absolutes, these resources uphold I Peter 2:17’s command to "Honor all men."

Evaluators use a set of concrete questions to critique each resource in all three areas. An excellent resource has received ‘yes’ answers. Why not print out these guidelines for your own use and evaluate a resource we haven't already tackled?"


Looking for a thirty-minute lesson on missionary teamwork for 5th and 6th graders? You’d like it to be co-operative, simulation style learning, connected to South America, but don’t have a lot of time for preparation? Easy! The database allows you to search for specifics in nine major areas.

While 21st Century Kids Connect does not have the ability at this time to evaluate resources in languages other than English, we hear that Spanish House Inc., may be a good place to begin your search for Spanish resources such as Bibles, children's books and Bibles, adult books, mission books, music, videos, Operation World, You Can Change the World vol 1 & 2, Mundial (1, 2 & 3), Focus on the Family resources and more. Call or write: Spanish House Inc., 1360 NW 88th Ave., Miami, FL 33172. Ph. 305-592-6136, FAX 305-592-0087.