Conferences and Special Events

While we decide what type of calendar we want, you can check out the calendar of events at Global Mission.

Remember the International Expo 2000?
Look for a Regional Expo in your neck of the woods this coming year! Check out the listings below:

1. Reserve this date now for the Southwest Children's Expo: March 23 and 24, 2001, in Riverside CA, at the Victoria Community Church (same site as the 1999 EXPO). Beginning Friday at noon, there will be three plenary sessions with lots of workshops and exhibits. For more information, contact Nancy Tichy at (909) 352-4568 or

2. Come join us at the Northwest Children's Expo, April 21, 2001 at Mt. Scott Church of God (same site as last year) in Portland, Oregon. Sylvia Foth, president of Kidzana and author of the book "How to hold a Successful Children's Outreach," will be keynote speaker on the subject of involving kids in various types of outreach. Contact Leslie Erickson at for more information. A list of workshop titles soon to come!

Check out Wycliffe's
The next best thing
to actually going overseas.

World Wide Day of Prayer

First Saturday of June every year
Saturday, June 3, 2000

There are 100 million street children. 35,000 children will die today of malnutrition and 1 million children become prostitutes every year!

Without prayer this will never change!

The World Wide Day of Prayer for Children at Risk is an annual day of prayer in response to the terrible plight of millions of "children at risk". All Christians are invited to participate in this prayer initiative. Our prayers will change situations and be a powerful force to bring child victims of war, famine, abuse, homelessness and rejection to put their hope in Jesus.

For More information: VIVA Network, P.O. Box 52-7900, Miami, FL 33152, e-mail or visit