About 21st Century Kids Connect

The vision of 21st Century Kids Connect is to respond to the critical need in children's ministry for equipping children everywhere to be full members of the body of Christ, fulfilling the Great Commission.

21st Century Kids Connect Advisory Board

The Mission Statement: In the spirit of collaboration and to enhance the children's missions education/mobilization movement, we have come together to:

  • facilitate communication and networking among individuals, churches, Christian schools, publishers and organizations
  • promote research and the development of quality and forward thinking materials
  • identify resources and evaluate them according to Biblically, educationally and culturally relevant standard of criteria
  • provide professional and lay training opportunities

What will 21st Century Kids Connect do?

  1. Inform children's workers about cutting-edge issues, trends, and methodologies in missions education.
  2. Evaluate resources, curricula, and tools: gather and describe them, comment on them, and make recommendations.
  3. Inform workers of training events, conferences, prayer emphases and other such opportunities.
  4. Foster communication and interaction among children's mission workers through a web site and e-mail forums.
  5. Organize training events for educators, notably the International Children's Expo.
  6. Work together with authors and publishers to develop new materials and resources.
  7. Provide a one-stop distribution center for children's mission resources.
  8. Link mission agencies with children's ministries; link missions experts and leaders with children's workers.
  9. Promote the cause of world mission in broader Christian education forums.

Contacts for Help and/or Questions

21st Century Kids Connect
PMB 205
7109 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA 23228-4110