Ministry Opportunities

KKI (King's Kids International)

KKI is dedicated to discipling children and teens in the context of outreach and missions. Unless otherwise noted, all these teams are for children ages 6 through 18. Usually a parent must accompany a child who is 10 and under. On most trips, entire families are welcome, even with children under age 6. The first line is the actual King's Kids base that you can contact for more information. Under that are the trips that are available through that KKI base.

Teen Missions International - Preteen Teams

    The Preteen Boot Camps hope to accomplish several goals:

    • To give each preteen the basics of the Bible through memorizing Bible verses to ground them in God's Word, through learning the books of the Bible and how they fit together, and through learning where certain Bible figures such as Peter, David, Paul, Samson, Noah, and Moses fit into God's Word.
    • To teach them about missions and why people need to be reached with the Gospel, and to acquaint them with the mission field and vocations available today.
    • To help preteens get "control" of their lives so they can stand against peer pressure, learn respect and discipline, develop a regular quiet time, maintain a regular prayer life, learn responsibility in work and witness, and get along with others without being selfish or self-centered.